Handmade Oboe Reeds, Bassoon Reeds, Oboe Staples | Graham Reeds

Graham Reeds provides Premium handmade Oboe Reeds, Bassoon Reeds and Oboe Staples. We offer an alternative to most commercially available reeds.

GRAHAM REEDS was established in 1986 after a friend in the Dallas symphony who liked the reeds suggested selling them on a larger scale. His suggestion turned out to be a truly good one! Now, more than 30 years later, GRAHAM REEDS are recognized as a premium alternative to most commercially available reeds.

• Highest quality American scrape reeds

• No machines used in finishing

• Expertly Tested

• Standard reeds guaranteed to play or will be replaced.

• Since most professionals will attempt to adjust and/or modify reeds we cannot guarantee our professional reeds due to the likelihood that they have been changed by the buyer.